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Thursday, 28 July 2011 08:14

A product that had experienced no change for decades has been re-invented and equipped with a range of advantages. The first form work block with a CE certificate is based on the Five-Times-Better formula.

The KVG Eco is characterized by a sophisticated system of chambers that enables the concrete to flow significantly easier and faster. Apart from that, a special design facilitates the handling at the construction site and optimizes the changes in configuration of reinforcements. The groove and tongue system cares for an improved composite effect; the stones can no longer slide or break out. There is much less weight to lift, which enables much quicker laying of the stones. The KVG Eco stone is the first form work block ever with the CE seal of quality.


KVG Eco – the Five-Times-Better formula

1. Better horizontal and vertical concrete distribution

2. Better structural concrete efficiency

3. Better composite effect thanks to the groove and tongue system

4. Better and easier changes in configuration of reinforcements

5. Better cost-effectiveness thanks to faster laying


kvg-eco-gesamt kvg-eco-produktion

The KVG-Eco family includes stones with the lengths of 20, 25 and 30 cm. The height of 25 cm is based on the clay brick raster and is therefore in compliance with the international standards.

The laying of the KVG Eco stone is extremely fast, easy and dimensionally stable.


Contact person at Kandussi Steinwerke


DI Gunter Stromberger
Technical Director
M: +43 664 2141007



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