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Innovation is our motivation


The Blockmasters association is a network of European producers of concrete blocks that focuses not on marketing, but especially on research and innovations. At the moment, the Blockmasters association consists of five members who meet once a year to exchange their production experience and market knowledge. It is all about gathering, analysing and discussing of the joint know-how. The meetings result in creation of many innovative ideas that are already successfully being applied in the individual member production plants in the Czech Republic, Finland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Turkey.

The association was established in 2010 and the common denominator to all five Blockmasters members is the Columbia concrete block production plant. The range of products follows the respective national construction needs, laws and regulations. It changes continuously and enables the members to benefit from back-networking of new marketing activities in their markets. One of the latest examples is the KVG Eco stone made by Kandussi Steinwerke, which has also been produced in a similar form by HB Betoni in Finland and by KB Blok in the Czech Republic since many years.